Market Adventures!

J and I thought that a trip to the market together would be a fabulous way to get this blog kicked off! We absolutely love visiting our local farmer’s markets, but especially during the summer – fresh, local produce is the best!

So the girls are together this weekend, and we decided, as always, that we are going to be cooking up a STORM.

Like we said, we love visiting the market. Not only is the food local [bonus], we find the quality is often better than the products we get at the grocery store [super bonus!], AND it’s cheaper [SUPER EXTRA BONUS!], at least where we live!

This is J’s local market, and it is fantastic. Markets are almost always a great option for produce [summer is FANTASTIC for delicious, fresh, and nutritious options], meats, and baked goods.  For under $25, we picked up kale, buns, dark rye bread,  a mixed basket of fruit, tomatoes, zucchini, concord grapes, mushrooms, and spaghetti squash. Seriously, STEAL.

On top of doing a little grocery shopping for the week, some of the things we picked up will be showing up in our meals this weekend!  Keep an eye out for our post on meatball subs!

T & J


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