Garlic Fries

Are you ever dying for a steaming plate of salty fries but don’t want to put on pants to leave the house? Here’s a super easy way to solve that problem, and no deep-fryer needed!

These baked garlic fries will have you begging for more…

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Pumpkin Pie Tarts

It’s fall, and everyone knows what that means: the changing of the leaves, hockey season starts, the sweaters come out, and pumpkin spice everything comes out. I’ve been meaning to make these tarts for about a year now, and I was waiting for fall. And why did I wait? Two word: sugar pumpkins.

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Turkey and Black Bean Enchiladas

So it is post-Thanksgiving in Canada, and, as many of us find, turkey leftovers are still in abundance. But perhaps by this time, we have grown tired of turkey sandwiches and turkey soup. Perhaps we are looking for something different and new to use our leftover turkey in.

Doug, my friend, this one is for you.

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Cabbage Roll Soup

I love eating cabbage rolls, but making them is another story. They take so much time and skill I just do not have.

Solution? Turn the ingredients of cabbage rolls into delicious, hearty soup! This a family recipe that was given to me and trust me when I say, I will be keeping this one forever.

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