Happy Holidays from T & J


Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! It’s that time of year full of parties, good food [and booze], celebration and just being with friends and family all the time. It’s also the time of year to ignore our diets until new years and just be happy with all the food and sweets we can possibly consume. 🙂

Think you’re finally ready to have guests over during the holidays? Maybe parents are visiting from out of town, or you want to have friends over and feel like an “adult”? …But you have no idea how to cook a roast dinner do you? That’s okay! Here’s how we made a 4 person roast beef dinner over the holidays and we almost nailed it, but I’ll explain the yorkshire catastrophe later on.

For our roast dinner, the girls had to get to together! So it was J and T in the kitchen while the boys hung out in the living room – we didn’t want them interfering – or drinking our “dinner-prepping, predinner wine”.

For our Christmas roast beef dinner we made slow-cooked, fall-apart roast beef, some garlicky and fluffy mashed potatoes, healthy steamed vegetables, some ABSOLUTELY delicious yorkshires, that got physically DESTROYED by the muffin tin [I’m still slightly bitter about this] and some amazing – out of this world – beef gravy to cover over everything.

Looks delicious right?

Let’s start with the beef:


We prepped it first thing in the morning, rubbing all sides with minced garlic, salt, LOTS of pepper and some onion pieces [1 yellow onion].


We ended up nesting the beef on half the onion pieces in the slow cooker and the other half on top as shown.

Now here’s our secret [well it’s J’s mum’s secret – Thanks Mum!!!]


Cover that beautifully seasoned and nested roast beef in two cans of V8. TRUST ME. T also thought I was crazy – until she tried the gravy…. :D.


We let the roast sit in the fridge for a couple of hours and turned it on low for about 5 hours or until the internal temperature was 145 degrees Fahrenheit [Food safety ftw!] I think our roast was roughly 5 lbs.


After it is finished cooking, take out the beef and let it rest for 10-20 minutes before cutting into it. In the meantime, transfer the juices to a saucepan to make some gravy!

Let’s talk about these yorkshires next…

The trick with yorkshires is to make the dough [is it considered dough?] the night before, covering tightly with saran wrap and leaving it in the fridge until ready to cook. [bake?]

Anyways the recipe is as follows:

  • 4 eggs
  • equal parts milk
  • equal parts AP [all-purpose] flour
  • a pinch of salt
  • 2 tbsp of beef drippings

Crack 4 eggs into a large measuring jug. [I make mine in a 4 cup measuring jug and it all fits perfectly]. Now see how much the eggs measure. Add that same amount of milk to the jug. Whisk and wait ten minutes. Now add the same amount of flour and a pinch of salt and whisk well. Next cover tightly with saran wrap and in the fridge it goes overnight.

**This recipe makes over 12 yorkshires. I didn’t need that many so I used two eggs and measured equal parts milk and flour.**

Preheat the oven to 450 degrees fahrenheit and put a muffin tin inside while preheating.  


Once the oven is preheated, take your yorkshire mix out of the fridge, whisk it up really well and add 2 tbsp of the juice from the slow cooker which should be done at the this point.

Take the muffin tin out of the oven and spray/oil it up WELL – this was our mistake – and pour the batter into each well. Bake until golden brown, about 20 minutes.

Story time – our yorkshires were killer, they were SO delicious, like the best I’ve EVER made them, but we didn’t oil up the pan enough so they were stuck!! It was devastating, actually. We still ate them because we are adults and we don’t waste food, especially when it’s delicious. Who cares how it looks right? But seriously, oil that pan up like that creepy, old, leathery guy at the beach that covers his body in oil. [Sorry for the mental image, I needed to get my point across haha].


All that’s left is to steam some veggies like we did here with a metal colander resting in a pot of boiling water, boil some RUSSET potatoes for some fluffy, creamy garlicky mash and get those juices going for the gravy.

So cut up russet potatoes into small chunks and boil for 20 minutes or until nice and soft and mash with butter, milk and lots of minced garlic.

The gravy consists of mixing 1 tbsp of cornstarch with ½ cup of the juice and putting it back into the pot, bringing the gravy to boil and reducing to a simmer – keep doing that until it’s thick enough for your gravy needs. We ended up only needing 2 tbsps for this recipe 🙂


Put it all together, pour yourself some dinner wine [different than the pre-dinner wine 😉 ] and stuff your face feeling proud you accomplished something so beautiful and delicious.

Thanks for reading our slightly long post about making a roast dinner to impress 🙂 Good luck and Merry Christmas!


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