Peach Sangria


It’s time to change things up a bit from another food post and talk about our favourite drink…wine! Red, white, rose, expensive, or from a box, we just loooveee wine, and nothing is better than sitting poolside day drunk on some delicious peach sangria. See how we make it right here!

Let’s fill up this 3.8 gallon container with some fruity alcholic goodness!


Now let’s start with some ingredients! I used two bottles of white wine. I chose a off-dry and fruity white wine [inexpensive and dry to offset all the sugar!]. This one had flavours of stone fruit [aka. peaches! Perfect]! If interested about sweetness of wines, check out this great link from the BC liquor board here!

I also used club soda, standard peach cocktail juice [not nectar — toooo sweet] and some fresh fruit [key to the sangria success], an orange, two peaches, a lemon, and a lime.

Now if you want to add liquor, I suggest reducing the amount of wine from two bottles to 1.5 bottles [the other half can be used as your drinking wine while prepping the sangria 😉 ]. The experts suggest 1/2 cup of liquor per bottle of wine and I suggest using either an orange or peach liquer to match the flavours 🙂


First off, add the wine [my favourite part] then the peach cocktail and club soda, give it a good stir.


Next slice up the fruit and add to the container. I slice not dice so that it doesn’t get stuck in the spigot. This will fill it up to THE BRIM. Give it a careful stir and put it in the fridge for AT LEAST two hours, more or even overnight if you can. Sangria takes time. Don’t even taste it until after 2 hours, all those flavours need to meld and combine into one beautiful drink.


Serve over ice with extra fruit if you’ve got it. AND ENJOY [responsibly I might add].


It goes down like juice so be careful! Enjoy the last month or so of summer xo!

Peach Sangria

Serves: 3.8 gallon container


  • Two bottles [750 mL each] of off-dry white wine
  • 5 cups club soda
  • 3 cups peach cocktail
  • 1 orange
  • 2 peaches
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 lime
  • 1/2 cup – 3/4 cup of orange or peach liquer if you desire [cut wine down by half a bottle]


  1. Combine all in 3.8 gallon container
  2. slice fruit [to not get stuck in spigot] and add
  3. stir to combine
  4. leave in fridge for 2-4 hours or overnight
  5. enjoy responsibly over ice

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