Sweet Potato & Sausage Frittata


Okay, so I may be on a slight ‘sweet potato-kick’ lately, but there ain’t nothing wrong with that! See how we make this delicious, quick and one-pot dish, great for breakfast, lunch or dinner! 🙂

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Hash Brown Breakfast Quiche


I first fell in love with quiche a few weeks back, when a friend’s mother made this UNBELIEVABLE cheddar, bacon, and onion quiche. It was so good, I could hardly believe it. I decided that I would like to eat something similar for breakfast, and after the hash browns I made a few weeks ago, I thought “Could I switch the pastry crust with hash browns?” The answer, as it turns out, is YES. Click on through to follow me on this adventure! Continue reading “Hash Brown Breakfast Quiche”

Hash Browns


Hash browns are one of those feel good foods that just make you feel cozy and right at home. There’s something about them that is just way too good for something that is so simple. I suspect magic. Click on through for how to make these tasty morsels. Continue reading “Hash Browns”