Weekly Meal Prepping


I hope everyone is having a great summer! I know mine’s been hectic, jammed-packed, and AWESOME. I saw three of my best friends get married this summer♥, been camping a few times, and lots of lazy pool time. I live and thrive in the summer… I may as well be a reptile.

When summer starts, so does the busy craziness, and subsequently there goes my meal prepping strategies I had all winter. It’s so busy, and it’s hard to plan around it; from weekends away to lunch patio dates meal prepping isn’t the best.

Not to fret though, I think I figured it out…



This is my version of summer “meal prep”. I hate buying too much or not enough food for the week so structuring it keeps me on budget and sane.

I “half” plan it. I keep days open for leftovers or going out. I keep lunches open for wraps or leftovers. I also try and make sure anything can be made and eaten on any day of the week to accommodate last minute plans.

For example: wraps…I make sure I have rice cooked and in the fridge and wraps available to make.

Breakfast: I make my potatoes ahead of time, but eggs and spinach are made every morning. I try and pre-bag snacks so I don’t forget and fruit, well…we may eat it, we may put it in a smoothie, or it may go in the freezer (banana chocolate chip muffins 😉 ). As for dinners, my “leftover” days are filled with either last minute plans, in which case leftovers are for lunch or frozen for another time, or they are eaten.

Sometimes if I can predict my lazy weeks…I will put something in the slow cooker to eat for a few days and plan one or two other meals around it, breaking it up and appeasing my lazy days. For example, last week I made some YUMMY Southwest Veggie and Rice Casserole from the Budget Bytes Cookbook with some added shredded chicken thrown in. We ate it on Monday and Wednesday and lunch on Thursday as those were my laziest days. And I made other meals on the days in between when I was feeling more motivated.

How do you keep on track and organized with meal prepping? I know I hate eating the same thing every day so this system works for me!


Now get out there and enjoy your summer 🙂

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