About the Girls

We met in 2009 in residence at university, and realized that we were both taking the same, small program — Microbiology.  We were fast friends after bonding over beef jerky and a programming professor’s lustrous hair that year [seriously though, that hair was straight out of an Herbal Essences commercial], and have essentially been attached at the hip ever since. Although we live in different cities now, it hasn’t slowed us down one bit, and we are still best friends.

Confession: I never actually learnt to cook before leaving for university. I also don’t see this as a mistake as I’m not sure it would have helped me much in the beginning. I was so busy in university I didn’t see cooking as a priority. It wasn’t until I graduated, that I fully appreciated not eating popcorn for dinner.

So when I moved out for real [after a small stint back at home after graduating] I decided to fall in love with baking, cooking and anything associated with food. Now here comes the dilemma, while I am working full-time, I am also paying off student and car loans and it turns out that I’m poor. So I am finding ways to eat healthy, delicious food while still saving money – big challenge!

I also have an amazing and intelligent fiancee working his way through his PhD, so a lot of my recipes are for 2+ people [he eats a lot more than I do].

I am like my father when it comes to cooking — I am the worst at using recipes. I have vivid recollections of experimenting in the kitchen from a very early age. Dad — I’d like to apologize for all the awful steaks you have eaten due to my home-made “barbecue sauces”. He never did mind though, and I think that’s part of the reason I love experimenting to this day [although I’d like to think I’m better at it] and trying out new things.

Going away to university, or even moving out for the first time, forces you to learn some important life lessons really quickly. Mom and Dad are no longer there telling you what to do, cooking, cleaning, doing your laundry, and buying groceries for you [and the family]. All of a sudden you have no one telling you not to eat pizza everyday and not spending what little money you have on the awesome popcorn maker you saw at the mall. I spent 5 years on my own through University, learning how to feed myself healthy, nutritious, delicious food on a budget, mostly through trial and [more often than not] error. Even starting to work-out changed my views on food, and I started seeking out healthier options for my usual go-to’s [though don’t get me wrong, pizza and Happy Meals are my JAM].

It is our hope to instill even a little bit of our passion and knowledge to all of you. Through trial and error, through successes and failures, we hope to help make even one person’s journey through adulthood that much easier.