Mini Sausage Rolls

31832270874_148aa8321f_bNeed an Easy Superbowl snack? I got one!

You need breakfast sausages and the pre-made puff pastry and that’s it ! (okay some egg wash too, but really, that’s it).
It’s easy and tasty! The boys ate them up SO quickly when I made them for New Year’s Eve!
So give it a try! It’s a family favourite 🙂

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Cranberry White Chocolate Cookies


Today, I present to you another family favourite: cranberry white chocolate cookies. These cookies are sweet, decadent, soft, and oh-so-indulgent. These cookies scream “The Holidays” to me, and I wanted to share them with you! Click on through to find out how to make them!

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Whipped Shortbread Cookies


This recipe is a bit of a treasured one in my family. We bring it out at Christmas every year, and for good reason – these little cookies are rich and decadent, but also so light and airy that it’s far too easy to eat the whole pan. We found it in a newspaper years ago – Betty Harrison’s Whipped Shortbread Cookies. You need to find out why these are so beloved… Click on through to find out how to make them!

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Trip around the World – Kofte


Well our goal a few weeks ago was to pick 6 countries and make a popular or national dish from each country for dinner [Sunday’s we go to hubby’s parents for dinner]. I’ve decided to focus this post on my favourite recipe from Turkey!

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Pumpkin Custard Bake


I’m going to be the first to admit, I’ve never been huge on the whole pumpkin spice thing. BUT this is also coming from a girl who didn’t start eating pumpkin pie until she was 23 years old, so you’ll have to forgive me. As penance, what I offer you today is a breakfast of epic fall proportions. Glorious meal preparations. Pumpkin, spicy cinnamon, and a velvety smooth texture – what else do you want from me?! Click through to bake this filling masterpiece with me.

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Meal Planning and Budgeting


Trust me, when I say we are both poor – recent graduates [~2-3 years ago] piles of student debt, car loans, rented places, starting careers and early/mid twenties. Food is essential for life and it is expensive, the cost of food has risen by ridiculous amounts in the past year in Canada…see evidence here, here, here AND here.

We want good, healthy food without the hurt in the wallet. Find out how we manage.

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Beer Steamed Mussels


Let me start off by saying that I love mussels pretty much any way. I spent my summers as a kid living on the east coast, picking mussels and digging clams at low tide, and after soaking them in a bucket of oatmeal water, rinsing them, and steaming them in some water, I devoured them with vinegar and/or butter. Simplicity at its finest. But as you might have guessed, this is a little fancier, a little more of a luxury dish. And delicious in an oh-so-fancy way. Click on through to find out how to make these beautiful morsels! Continue reading “Beer Steamed Mussels”