What You’ll See


  1. Coping in the real world by yourself, this includes but is not limited to food, money and relationships.
  2. Looking like you have everything in your life put together.

First and foremost, why are we using the word “adult” as a verb? This is because that is exactly the action we are trying to recreate: adulting. This mysterious action has had us baffled since we were little girls. We looked up to these ‘bigger people’ thinking they had all the answers to life’s questions but as we grew up and got closer to that age…we started wondering…when am I going to get these answers? Is there a ceremony, a rite of passage, that I am missing? who’s supposed to tell me how to adult? Then we realized, no one knows and we’re all muddling through this, so let’s do it together.

As two recently graduated “young professionals” [and we use the term loosely – we like to spend our evenings in animal onesies watching Harry Potter] we are trying to navigate the vast and confusing world of “adulthood”.

The older we got, the more we realized no one really knows what they are doing.  We thought we should share our adventures, stories, and mistakes to try and help those in the same position. And most of all, to remind ourselves [and others] that we are not alone in this confusing and often overwhelming world of adulthood.  

In this blog, we want to specifically focus on FOOD. It drives friendships, relationships, it can bring people together, tear them apart and it is the necessity of life. And let’s be honest, everybody has to eat and life’s too short to eat bad food.

Topics we will cover:

On our blog:

  • Our recipes
  • Recipes we have tried [with sources] and our modifications
  • How to save money while eating healthy and delicious foods
  • How to grocery shop: to meal plan or not to meal plan – that’s your own decision
  • Groceries – sales, fresh local market, necessities, buying in bulk, spices
  • The concept of a grocery budget – this is very new to us too
  • Food Safety!
  • Leftovers – how long can you keep it for? How can I have variety?
  • How the freezer is your best friend.
  • How to feed yourself while working full-time and/or while in school
  • Cooking for one
  • Cooking for two
  • Cooking for a dinner party and how to not look like a tool [AND not waste money on stupid things]
  • Appliances – must-haves, really awesome to own but can survive a few more years, and the not needed

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