Breakfast Burritos


Do you suck at eating breakfast too? I know I do, even though I know how important it is and how much better I feel all day. I’m hoping this meal-prep style breakfast burrito recipe helps you out as much as it helps me out!

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Weekly Meal Prepping


I hope everyone is having a great summer! I know mine’s been hectic, jammed-packed, and AWESOME. I saw three of my best friends get married this summer♥, been camping a few times, and lots of lazy pool time. I live and thrive in the summer… I may as well be a reptile.

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Meal Planning and Budgeting


Trust me, when I say we are both poor – recent graduates [~2-3 years ago] piles of student debt, car loans, rented places, starting careers and early/mid twenties. Food is essential for life and it is expensive, the cost of food has risen by ridiculous amounts in the past year in Canada…see evidence here, here, here AND here.

We want good, healthy food without the hurt in the wallet. Find out how we manage.

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